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Plugins Library

Here you can find plugins that you can install on your Ruby controller. Some of them might include source code. Source code is not required, it's just for reference and inspiration where available. The source code is not required, you just need the plugin file.

To install a plugin:
Copy the plugin file (or files) to a USB memory stick and plug it into any USB port on the Ruby controller;
On Ruby controller, go to MenuController SettingsManage Plugins
Use the option to install additional OSD plugins. Ruby will search the memory stick and install the plugin(s) (along with any images it finds that are needed for the plugin, if any);

How to import plugins in Ruby
Available Plugins:

Ruby AHI Plugin
A plugin for artifical horizont indication.
The plugin has options to show only the horizont or both the horizont and gradations and to set the gradations scale.

Developed by: Petru Soroaga
Download the plugin
Download the plugin source code

Ruby controller hardware shield
This is not a software plugin but a hardware shield for the controller with nice buttons, designed to be a plug and play over a Pi board.

Designed by: Piotr Andryszczak
Download the KiCAD files

Controller Hardware Shield

Controller Hardware Shield

If you want to develop your own plugins, check the Development and SDKs page. You have all the information you need to write new plugins.
Contribute to community:
If you write a cool plugin and you want to share it with the community, drop me a message and I can add it to the public list of plugins.