Ruby - Digital radio link (video, data, control) for airplanes, drones and UAVs

Setup Telemetry:

Ruby can get the telemetry data from the flight controller and show it on the controller screen and can also output the telemetry data stream to auxiliary devices like a PC or laptop in order to be able to display the telemetry data on a PC and/or send commands and control the drone/plane/vehicle from the PC.
To do so, there are two set of connections to be made, as in the pictures below:
One is between the vehicle flight controller and the Pi on the vehicle, for Ruby to be able to access the telemetry data;
The second one, optional, is between the Pi inside the controller and the auxiliary external device, in order for the telemetry stream to be transported from the controller to a PC/laptop:

Telemetry connections on vehicles

Telemetry connections on the controller

For convenience, it's recommended you embed the USB serial adapter directly into Ruby controller. That way, if you need to connect your Ruby controller to a PC/laptop, you just have to use a regular USB cable and you have plug and play telemetry to your PC/laptop.

Recommended telemetry configuration. A regular USB cable will be used to connect to a PC.

There are two places where you need to configure the telemetry parameters: One is on the vehicle side so that the vehicle knows how to communicate with the flight controller:

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Read Only telemetry:
If you have other primary devices connected to the flight controller telemetry data and you wish Ruby to be just a secondary reader or telemetry data, you can set Ruby to be a read only participant, that is Ruby vehicle will not send any telemetry data to the flight controller. To do so, change Telemetry Options to ReadOnly and set Request Data Streams to None.

The other place where you can configure the telemetry parameters is on the controller itself, if you need to export the telemetry data to other devices or if you need to import telemetry data from other sources in order to send it to the vehicle. Otherways, you don't need to change anything on the controller side:

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